The Ultimate Dog Journal

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The ultimate doggy journal has finally arrived! And let me tell you- everybody who owns a dog, needs this journal!! Let me tell you why....

The highlights-

  • Suitable for up to 3 dogs.
  • 604 pages of doggy goodness.
  • 8 sections, catering to every aspect of your dogs life.
  • A memory journal, bullet journal, and organisation in one place.
  • A beautifully illustrated, in colour keep sake.

    If like me, you like everything to be in one organised (aesthetically pleasing ;) ) place, then you're going to love this journal!

    The reason for this idea in the first place sparked, when I was writing down notes on my phone, or pieces of paper around the house with the dates I had last de-flead or wormed the girls, an update of what the vet had just told me on the phone etc, and especially when my parents were taking care of the dogs for me whilst I was on holiday! I'd constantly get texts asking what time they were fed, what supplements and the amount they had on their foods, what they wore on walks and so forth. This sparked an idea- what If I had somewhere to just write all of this info in one compact place, not just for me- but to give to pet sitters too!

    After this initial idea, I added and added and added, until I had 8 sections, and 604 pages worth of organisation and information you would ever need about your dog! 

    The 8 sections include-

    • Welcome home puppy
    • Basic info
    • Additional info
    • Food
    • Medical
    • Training Log
    • Appointments
    • Top tips

    But within these sections you'll find tonnes more info and bullet pages like, 30 photo memory pages, information for and from your vet, tables to track insurance details and claims, a section for birthday and Christmas lists and the list very literally goes on and on..... for 604 pages to be precise!! 

     I could talk about each page all day but id love for you to experience them yourself!! I cant wait to see your photos in action!! Please tag us at @_homewardhound_ 

    I look forward to seeing them in use! x

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