Homeward Hound

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Our Story

Hello and welcome,

I’m Anna, the owner of Homeward Hound; an online luxury pet accessories store.

Here I offer a range of handmade dog collars and leads in an array of 35 different colours which are made from 100% Harris tweed luxury wool. Each collar is designed and handmade by me in our home in Manchester, UK, and can be made to order, to suit the needs of you and your precious pooch. In the coming few months, I am also working on several other new products- so keep your eyes peeled! 

My style is quite simple, I gravitate to natural, farmhouse, countryside style vibes- my dream is to one day have our company grow so large, that we can cater to all the dogs around the world, and have our offices in a large farmhouse with acres of land, where all employees can bring their dogs to work everyday. I love the soothing and tranquil feeling of being in nature, and I like my brand to reflect this.

Dogs are obviously, a huge passion of mine, being a dog mum to Peanut and Twiglet, my mini dachshunds, and spending 2 years walking dogs full time, I decided to set up my own business dedicated entirely to my love of dogs. I truly believe that dogs are a part of our family, and have such a huge impact on our well-being, along with the love they bring to our lives.

Spoiling my dogs, Peanut and Twiglet, rotten, truly brings me such happiness and I know others feel the same with their furry family members.


Anna, Peanut & Twiglet x

Peanut- Chief Pawduct Tester

Job role includes-

Being the sassiest in the office

Exceptionally tolerant of our Barketing Exec. Exceptionally intolerant of any other human to walk the planet.

Shares nothing (especially not food), loyal to only a very select lucky few people in the world,- but to those people, she is the most loving soul. 

Anna- Dog Momager

Job role includes-

Product designer and occasionally makes collars and leads when attention hasn’t been diverted by her staff wanting ‘tickly tums’ ‘squeaky ball throwing’ time and general cuddles because 3ft away from mum/boss is way too far and staff cannot humanly cope if any further away.

Twiglet - Barketing Exec

Job role includes-

Testing the chief pawducts testers patience to the limit

Sharing all toys and or/treats with basically anyone who wants to share

Loyal to anybody who feeds her treats, makes eye contact, or walks past her in the street, probably also random people she doesn’t even know exist.

Customer Reviews

Obsessed with this item!! Seller was really helpful and made my collar to order due to my dog still being a puppy, for no extra charge either! Love it so much and would definitely recommend this item, or any other item from this company. Over the moon 🐶😍


Such lovely items from a lovely seller ! They came really quick and are such lovely quality! My pooch absolutely loves them and will deffo be buying another set in a different colour 😍. You can’t buy anything like this in pet shops and they are such high quality and a great price for a handmade item.