Homeward Hound

Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

Our Story

Hi! Let us introduce ourselves, we are Anna, Peanut, and Twiglet, and together, we are Homeward Hound.

As it probably goes without saying, I’ve been an animal lover my entire life, but it wasn’t until I got my first dawgter, Peanut, that a spark for what was soon to be Homeward Hound was born.
Noticing a huge gap in the market, it became clear that there were two options when it came to dog accessories. 
You either shopped for practicality, or beauty. Never the two together? I began to ask myself, why is practicality and safety only available to large dogs? And why is cute and pretty reserved for small dogs? Why can’t both, have both?! Frustrated, for the first 6 months or so of Peanuts life I swayed to practical, simple black products. Not what I wanted, but a compromise, as safety for my new puppy was my priority.

After years of trialing and testing different products, extensive market research and asking YOU, my valued customer, I have finally developed what I deem as not only practical, heavy duty, strong, and safe products, but also aesthetically beautiful. 

We haven’t just made ‘a collar’ or ‘a lead’. We’ve thought about what you, as a dog owner needs, what is going to keep your beloved pet, the safest he/she can possibly be, whilst added bonus, looking cute as hell at the same time.

As our new motto states- we are all about ‘safety, practicality, inclusivity… but, make it cute!’

Love and appreciate you all!

Anna, Peanut, and Twiglet

Peanut- Chief Pawduct Tester

Job role includes-

The kindest sweetest soul.

Exceptionally tolerant of our Barketing Exec. Exceptionally intolerant of humans she doesn’t know. But once she knows you, you’ve earnt her love for life.

Ball obsessed. Food obsessed. Treat obsessed. Walkies obsessed.

Will do just about anything for schnacks- including selling her soul to the devil.

Anna- The big boss

Job role includes-

Product designer, marketer, social media manager, order packerer- and everything that falls in between.

Known on occasion to have attention diverted by either own fur children, or any other fur children. I cannot be held accountable for any unwanted cuddling enforced on any dogs- sorry (not sorry)

Twiglet - Barketing Exec

Job role includes-

Testing the chief pawducts testers patience to the limit.

Loves any tiny toys that squeak.
Insanely jealous of any other dog who gets attention in her presence.

Loyal to anybody who feeds her treats, makes eye contact, or walks past her in the street, probably also random people she doesn’t even know exist. Friendliest dog to walk the planet- will be your best friend if you just make eye contact.

Customer Reviews

Obsessed with this item!! Seller was really helpful and made my collar to order due to my dog still being a puppy, for no extra charge either! Love it so much and would definitely recommend this item, or any other item from this company. Over the moon 🐶😍


Such lovely items from a lovely seller ! They came really quick and are such lovely quality! My pooch absolutely loves them and will deffo be buying another set in a different colour 😍. You can’t buy anything like this in pet shops and they are such high quality and a great price for a handmade item.