Puppy Name Inspo

When I found out I was finally getting my dream puppy, one of the first things I thought to myself was ‘What name am I going to choose?’ It’s a dilemma that all new puppy parents face. I knew that for me personally I wanted a unique name. Something that I wouldn’t hear another dog owner shout at the park.
I’m a name lover. As a writer it’s my favourite part about creating a character. Finding the right name that not only sounds good but has a significant meaning or association behind it makes for the perfect name in my opinion. So, I thought I would use my passion for all things name related to help new puppy (and other pets I suppose) parents come up with the perfect name.
With Spring finally here, I thought a spring related name list would be the perfect one to start with. These spring names will be great for any puppies coming home or born in spring. And because of my love of more unique names, some of these names you probably would never think of or see on other puppy name lists.
I’ve included baby animals’ names, flower names and things I associate with spring.
There will be more lists to come so if you have a specific request please feel free to pop me a message on Faline’s Instagram @falinetheminidachshund.
Kit - A kit is a baby fox.
Colt - A colt is a baby/young horse.
Cub - A cub is a baby bear.
Ridge - A ridge is the narrow upper section of a hill.
Pascal - The French word for Easter.
Mars – The Roman god of war that march is named after.
Patty – St. Patrick’s day is March 17th
Fawn/Fawna - A Fawn is a baby deer. Fawna is a cute variation.
Bunny - A bunny is a baby rabbit, the ultimate spring animal.
All of the following flower names, are specific spring flowers.
Fifi (Forget me not) - While Fifi isn’t a flower name. Growing up there was a children’s programme called Fifi the forget me not, and forget me nots are a spring flower.
Sunday - Easter Sunday.
Persephone – Persephone is the Greek goddess of Spring
Lilac – A light shade of purple.
Piglet – A piglet is a baby pig.


By Sasha Preece-Henderson (@falinetheminidachshund)