'I can do anything' Multiway lead in Tan Pinatex

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At Homeward Hound, we don’t believe that luxury should be at the expense of other animals lives, or our planets!


Our newest multi-way leads work in 3 ways-

They are Xcm in length and 20mm width. And all come with the highest quality welded brass hardware. Our leads have a Harris tweed handle with the option of 4 different tweed patterns and colours, and the remaining section of the lead is made with pinatex leather which has been tripled over to make it extra thick and durable. (Please see break load information below)

The multi-way leads are double ended meaning you have a snap link both ends, this can be used in the following ways-


  1. One end of the lead attached to the front of a front clip harness and the other end of the lead attached to the backs of your dogs harness. This is great for pulling dogs and gives you more control.
  2. They can be used as a normal lead. You can attach the top snap link to the O ring near the top of the lead to create a Harris tweed handle, with the remainder of the lead leaving the pinatex.
  3. A cross body, hands free lead. Great for if you always have your hands full- or love to carry a cup of coffee on your walk like me! To use the lead as a cross body hands free lead, simply wrap the lead over your shoulder with the other side meeting at your hip, then simply clip the top snap link to the last D ring ring (approx half way down the lead) which should roughly line up with your hip.


Our brand new multi-way leads are made with 100% animal free and cruelty free Pinatex, which is pineapple leaves which would have usually gone to waste. We wanted to find an environmentally and animal  friendly way to get the ‘leather look’. If you’re interested we’ve got much more information on its
production, the income streams using pinatex creates for the local farmers, the social impact,
environmental impact, and the circular economy.

When you purchase one of our collars or leads , not only do you plant a tree with your purchase, but you also help buy into the movement of becoming more
environmentally friendly- We believe it isn’t about one person doing everything. Its about everybody
doing a little something.

For the added luxury we’ve also added 100% Harris tweed wool handle, making it extra durable, thick, and lux.

Our Harris Tweed is sourced directly from the outer Hebrides of Scotland and comes in a variety of
colours, patterns and prints.


As this is a new medium, we don’t have any scientific evidence to support specific strength claims in the pinatex fabric, other than what we have from their website. We have then tripled this fabric ensuring the strength is 3x stronger than what pinatex have tested themselves on one single layer (confirmed by pinatex).

On top of this we also then sew on a layer of tweed wool, so we feel confident that it is of the highest quality. Due to the fact that we cannot make any evidence based claims we do ask that you only purchase our newest pinatex collars or leads with the above in mind, or for aesthetic purposes and/or to hold name tags only.


Pinatex is water resistant but not waterproof so please avoid sub merging in water.


Harris tweed may become fuzzy over time- please gently brush a razor over the fluff and it will look brand new again!


Please note, pinatex is not a ‘real’ leather, so cannot be burnished on the edges so may have a slightly more ‘unfinished’ look to the edges compared to ‘real’ leather alternative would have.



Please note

Break load for 1.55 metres of pinatex is 46.8kg, we have however, tripled this over before sewing, making the break load 140.4kg. On our tweed option collars, this is also increased again as tweed is one of the strongest woven materials on the market. HOWEVER, Slip collars are not made for pulling dogs and should be used for loose lead walking ONLY! This has nothing to do with the material, but the style of collar which would also be the case if the collar was made from anything from real leather to cotton.

As stated above we have not conducted any stress tests on our new pinatex collars or leads as of yet, so cannot back up any specific claims and buying these products is at your own discretion

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a shout and we would be more than happy to help!