Digital Family Pet Portrait

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How to order- email with the relevant information from below (regarding breed/wellies/coat/accessories)

1. Choose how many family members you would like on your portrait
2. Choose how many additional accessories you would like on your portrait

3. For each family member please refer to all relevant images and add a note to your order telling us of your chosen style of coat, wellington boots and family members first name to match each according outfit.
4. For each pet please refer to our breeds image and on your email to us, let us know the breed of pet and chosen leash colour.

5. For additional accessories please refer to our accessories image to choose your relevant accessories.

6. In the personalisation box please leave your family name or heading you would like, i.e. 'Family' or 'The Smiths'


Outline email as below example

Family name or title 'The smiths'

Anna - X coat X wellies 

Lewis- X coat X wellies

Peanut- Black dachshund blue lead

Twiglet- Tan dachshund red lead

Accessories- rucksack, plant, camera

Coat rack number- 3